Meredith Wolfe



Meredith has an Undergraduate Degree in History from the University of California San Diego, and a Juris Doctorate from Thomas Cooley School of Law. After graduating from law school in Michigan, she moved back to San Diego to be closer to family (and the sunny weather) and passed the California State Bar. Meredith now works as an Associate Counsel at AMN Healthcare. She knew Ben was the one when he made her laugh and offered to share food on their first date!

Benjamin Bloom



Ben was born in Orange County, California and lived there to the age of 12. He was active in the local Indian Guides tribe, where he came to be known as Sidewinder, a member of the Choctaw Tribe.

In 1999 the Bloom family moved to Saint Louis, Missouri where Ben went to Middle and High School at Mary Institute and Saint Louis Country Day School. While attending MICDS Ben played football, wrestled (poorly), and “ran” track.

After High School Ben moved back to Southern California to attend its University. In 2009 Ben graduated from USC’s Marshall School of Business and began working in the tech industry.

After college, Ben moved to San Diego for work where he signed up for OKCupid (because he was a sad lonely geek), and after a couple of not so great dates, he eventually found exactly what he was looking for: a girl with a deep and profound appreciation for Jay-Z. From the first date with Meredith, Ben was hooked and the rest was history.

The Ceremony


Fairbanks Ranch Country Club

5:00 pm on the First Tee Box

The ceremony will take place on the First Tee Box of the Fairbanks Ranch Country Club at 5:00PM SHARP. All guests should arrive before 4:45PM.

Fairbanks Ranch Clubhouse

7:00 pm In The Clubhouse

After the Ceremony, there will be a Cocktail Hour on the Club Lawn. Immediately following the Cocktail Hour, guests will be ushered into the Upper Clubhouse where there will be dancing, dinner, and cake!

The Reception



September 4th, 2016


Menu items will be decided closer to the date of the event.

Check back for updates!

4:30 PM


Guests will arrive at the Fairbanks Ranch Country Club at 4:30 PM

5 : 00 PM

Wedding Ceremony

The wedding ceremony will begin promptly at 5:00PM on the First Tee Box.

5 : 30 PM

Cocktail Hour

Cocktail Hour will immediately follow the Wedding Ceremony at the Fairbanks Ranch Country Club Patio.

6 : 30 PM

Wedding Reception

Guests will go up to the main room for the Wedding Reception.

7 : 30 PM

Dinner Service

Dinner Service will begin at 7:30PM

8 : 30 PM

Cake Cutting

Cake Cutting will take place at 8:30PM





Madeline Wolfe


Meredith’s best friend who happens to be her sister. Madeline graduated from the University of California San Diego with an Undergraduate degree in Human Development and a Master’s degree in Education. She is currently a kindergarten teacher at Anza elementary school. Madeline is an avid runner and can be seen running along the hills of Point Loma, San Diego bay, Lake Miramar, and pretty much anywhere in San Diego when you run a half marathon a day!

Bianca Bird


Attended Indiana University-Purdue University, Ft. Wayne Indiana. She is currently working at K&K insurance as an underwriter. Bianca is the proud mother of four beautiful girls, the oldest being Georgia our flower girl, twins Francis and Julia, and Loretta Linda.

Karly Mehlhorn


Graduated from Ohio University with a degree in Finance and works for PricewaterhouseCoopers as a Resource Management Senior Associate. Karly is a devoted fan of the show Friends and we share an obsession of Shabu Shabu. Karly and her husband Chris will be welcoming a beautiful baby boy in August of this year.

Georgia Allen


Georgia is in second grade at Precious Blood Catholic School in Ft Wayne, IN. She is involved in gymnastics, brownies, and is a high honors student. Georgia has a yellow lab named Iggy.

The Groomsmen


Danny Gorczyca


Danny is Ben’s oldest and best friend. They grew up playing Little League together and were both in the Choctaw tribe of Indian Guides. Danny was Ben’s roommate for several years at USC, where they both became connoisseurs of niche facial hair styles.

Currently, Danny works as an attorney to support his real career as the underground rap star and hip hop legend, G-Spot. He also has an extensive knowledge of human nutrition and can tell down to the gram what a healthy level of protein intake should be if you want to get shredded.

Kurt Wilhelm


Kurt was one of Ben’s first friends from Saint Louis. They met in the Laronde Advisory in 1999. Kurt was actually the person that introduced Ben to the Halo franchise forever changing Ben’s life. Many days were spent in the Wilhelm basement playing video games and throwing darts.

After High School, Kurt attended Boston College before taking a job in education in New York. His life now reads like the script of Stand and Deliver (I would imagine).

Dan Helfers


Dan was one of Ben’s first friends in Saint Louis. They bonded over being the “weird kids” in school and lived right down the street from each other. Dan has always had a deep love for music and back in High School started throwing concerts under the pseudonym “Maniac Moses”.

He now works in the music industry in Maimi, Florida. He is recognised as “the most attractive” of all the High School friends now, to great relish. He also has several sweet ass tattoos, including the Gateway to the West, and a grazing cow.

Chris Mehlhorn


Chris is Ben’s first Brother-in-Law, who married into the Bloom family September of 2013. He met my sister Karly at the Ohio University school of Business and they have been together ever since. Chris is the guy best equipped to handle Karly, which shows just how great he is.

Chris is a financial Prodigy who fast tracked his CFA right out of college. He specializes in playing golf, making my parents grand parents, and raising a dog that sounds like a monkey.

Blake Wolfe


Blake is Ben’s newest Brother-in-Law hailing from San Diego. He is the golden child, or “Chosen”, of the Wolfe household. He is currently finishing his degree in Political Science from the University of California in Santa Barbara.

This year he and Ben have started home brewing beer in hopes of never having to work a real job after graduation. Blake is an avid surfer and all-around good guy; plus he’s single ladies!



The Wolfes


The Blooms


“ Thanks for all your love and suport ”

Meredith & Ben


We went out and registered for a bunch of awesome stuff to fill our home (mostly the kitchen) as we start our lives together. Everything we put on the registries are items we would love to have, but the most important gift you can give is you and your dancing shoes at our celebration. We are so excited to have everyone join us for the best day of our lives!




The wedding and all events will be taking place in the Rancho Santa Fe area. While guests are welcome to seek accommodations anywhere in San Diego, we recommend that you consider some of the options in the area. Anything in Rancho Santa Fe, Del Mar, or Solana Beach will have you close to all the festivities. While there is not an official room block many family members will be staying at the Hilton Del Mar. Feel free to book a room there or any of the options linked below.

Please remember that this is race season so rooms will go quickly. Be sure to book early!



15150 San Dieguito Rd, Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067

858-259-8811 (ph)



15575 Jimmy Durante Blvd, Del Mar, CA 92014

858-792-5200 (ph)

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